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8-ma Udarna Brigada 2
1000, Skopje

Access for Persons with Disabilities


Our Staff is happy to assist visitors with disabilities, if needed.  

We are situated in the building together with the Embassies of Sweden and Norway on 8-ma Udarna Brigada 2, close to the main city square (please see map for details).


Entrance to the building:


There are parking lots near the building, and a 1-5 min walk depending on where would you leave your vehicle, from the parking spot to the entrance of the building. Please note that there sidewalks on the way to the building. By prior arrangement we can provide separate arrangements for wheel chair users.

Entrance to the UNDP Country Office:


There is one step up to the entrance of the building and then the elevator takes our visitors to the 4th floor, where our reception area is. By prior arrangement, we can provide access for visitors to the 5th floor by the elevator. We have placed large signs noting our County Office at the entrance to the building. Signs are in Macedonian, Albanian and English language.


Inside the Country Office:


The Country Office is located on the 4th and the 5th floors and there are stairs inside the premises but no steps once on the floor. The flooring in the Country Office area is parquet. Lavatories can not accommodate  persons using wheelchair. The area is well lit with both natural and electric lighting.


  • We will assist disabled visitors in the event of an emergency evacuation.


  • Please note that we have no building regulations prohibiting guide dogs or hearing dogs.


UNDP Registry and Information:
Gordana Postruzin, Registry Assistant
tel: + 389 2 3249 500
fax: + 389 2 3249 505

UNDP Communications Office:
Sandra Ismanovski, Communications and Partnerships Officer + 389 2 3249 570
Note: for media / journalists and public relations issues