UNDP in the Country

As  the country looks towards the European Union, UNDP supports the government to build an inclusive society—where everyone has access to services and can participate in making decisions that affect their lives. Our support involves developing human and institutional capacities, providing knowledge, demonstrating solutions, building partnerships, and raising funds for development.

UNDP has been present in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia since 1998.
Since then, we have been working on the following key focus areas:

Democratic Governance

Our goal is to strengthen institutions and develop the skills of public administrators to design policies and deliver better services for all. We promote citizen participation in decision making to increase responsiveness and accountability.

Social Inclusion 

Our goal is to support national efforts that improve the social and economic standing of individuals and groups at risk of exclusion. We develop national capacities to expand employment opportunities and access to services for all.

Energy and Environment

Our goal is to help decision makers to incorporate action against pollution, biodiversity loss, energy dependence and climate change into the work of their institutions. Investing today promotes people’s health, food security, and quality of life but could also deliver financial benefits in the future.


Country Programme Action Plan 2010-2015

Country Programme Document 2010-2015

Resident Coordinator's Annual Report 2010

United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)

Standard Basic Framework Agreement