Feature / Success Stories

Keeping the family together
» 21.05.2013
“It’s not right to say there’s no work in this country when people have so much potential they don’t realize,” says Qerim Dauti, “We should be trying to create jobs here—finding ways to use the skills we already have, not leaving our homes to find work abroad.”

Being your own boss
» 04.04.2013
Senat Demiri is from the Roma community and lives in Shuto Orizari, one of the most economically deprived areas of Skopje. Reaching out to unemployed people from the more vulnerable social groups in the population has been a key aim of the Self-Employment Programme.

Restoring hope in the future for Prespa Lake
» 22.03.2013
The new project—‘Restoration of the Prespa Lake’—is helping hundreds of farmers to learn and apply more environmentally sustainable practices, including a model orchard for demonstrating the many benefits of reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

“Rise of South” transforming global power balance, says 2013 Human Development Report
» 14.03.2013
The rise of the South is radically reshaping the world of the 21st century, with developing nations driving economic growth, lifting hundreds of millions of people from poverty, and propelling billions more into a new global middle class, says the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) 2013 Human Development Report.

Building a budding business
» 13.02.2013
“I’ve wanted to own a flower shop ever since I was at university studying agronomy,” says Velika Trajanovska, “The Self-Employment Programme has made it possible for me to make that a reality".

Designing a way to the top
» 22.01.2013
Jelena Kostovska was only ten years old when she set her heart on becoming a clothes designer. “I knew what I wanted to be from an early age so I went to a textile vocational school,” she says, “and after that I worked with two of the country’s top designers before starting to sell my clothes in boutique shops.”

Corruption: Answering the call?
» 11.12.2012
One of the capital’s most highly populated areas, the municipality of Aerodrom, is breaking new ground in the fight against corruption, becoming one of the first local governments in the country to provide a direct phone line for citizens to report suspected cases of official wrongdoing.

The Key is Under the Mat
» 28.11.2012
A new TV show that takes a fresh and innovative approach to promoting cultural diversity just started airing on Macedonian National Television. The programme, called The Key is Under the Mat, is a series of five short films that document two-day visits between young people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

A new line in local democracy
» 23.11.2012
Citizens can now use a free phone-number and an interactive website to give their feedback on the work of local government. By calling the new phone-line at 0800 111 85 or by using the Get Involved and Give a Suggestion! website, citizens can register their level of satisfaction with the essential services provided by their municipalities.

Promoting gender equality in the police force
» 19.11.2012
It is only ten years or so since women first began joining the police services in the region in any significant numbers, but today women make up some 15% of all employees of the Ministry of Interior in this country and over 6%of the police force in uniform. New guidelines have just been launched to help improve the integration of women in the police services in South East Europe.