Energy Efficiency in Building Sector

Project description
This project is one of the three components of the Energy Efficiency Programme, financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). The aim of the overall Programme is to enable an environment for mitigating climate change in the country through improved energy efficiency in the building sector, awareness raising and capacity building of stakeholders involved in energy efficiency issues.

The main objective of this project is to contribute to teh processes of reducing the energy consumption in residential and public buildings, regulate energy losses and greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the country's energy independence.

Local Energy Efficiency teams have been formed in all 85 municipalities. They are now regularly following the energy consumption and identifying where potential savings could be made.

A new energy software called “ExCITE” has been developed, and now serves as a valuable energy efficiency tool to the central and local governments. The software enables regular energy monitoring in all public buildings throughout the country. The municipalities will be able to manage their energy consumption and expenditures more efficiently and generate budget savings that can be redirected to meet the priorities and the citizens’ needs. This tool is also important for the ongoing implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Training materials on energy efficiency monitoring techniques have been developed and a total of 100 representatives of the local municipal energy efficiency teams have been trained.

A study visit to the Czech Republic was carried out for representatives of 12 municipalities in cooperation with the Czech Trust Fund, enabling them to exchange best practices and lessons learnt with their Czech counterparts.

The first ever portal on energy efficiency in buildings in the country has been launched. It enables easy access to information, legislation, available funds and user-friendly tools for tracking the public opinion on topics related to energy efficiency. It has recently been voted as “web portal of the month”, by all NGOs working in the field of energy efficiency:

Also, for the first time, a climatological map of the country has been designed. It provides the key parameters necessary for the successful implementation of the 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD). It will also greatly assist the preparation of the National Book of Rules and the development of the methodology for calculating the overall energy performance of buildings.

On local level, the project is supporting the development of energy efficiency programmes for public buildings in the municipalities of Tetovo, Kratovo and Prilep, in line with the Energy Law. The programmes will cover public buildings and the municipal streetlight system.

One public building in Skopje is currently being completely refurbished, to demonstrate the savings that can be made once full energy efficiency measures are put in place.

Focus Area
Energy and Environment

Implementing Period

Major Source of Funding
Austrian Development Cooperation

USD 510,000

UNDP Programme Officer
Anita Kodzoman

Partners on the Ground
Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Ministry of Economy, Association of Local Self Government Units

National level project

Delivery 2010
226,504 $

Delivery 2011
176,073 $

Project documents
Energy Efficiency - ProDoc

Fact Sheet
05 EE.pdf

Reference No.TitleClosing DateAwardedCanceled 
RFQ 44/2011Implementation of the phase: Machine engineering at the Kindergarten Srnichka – Kalinka as an integral part of the reconstruction Implementation of the phase: Machine engineering at the Kindergarten Srnichka – Kalinka 09.12.2011 More Details
RFQ 37/2011for technical supervision for reconstruction of a kindergarten “ Srnicka- Kalinka” in the Municipality of Aerodrom with measures for improving energy efficiencySupervision for reconstruction of a kindergarten “ Srnicka- Kalinka” in the Municipality of Aerodrom with measures for improving energy efficiency25.11.2011 More Details
EXTENDED DEADLINE + UPDATED BoQ for ITB 36/2011for reconstruction of a kindergarten Srnicka - Kalinka, Municipality of Aerodrom, SkopjeEXTENDED DEADLINE + UPDATED BoQ ref. Reconstruction of a kindergarten Srnicka - Kalinka, Municipality of Aerodrom, Skopje02.12.2011 More Details

Building a greener future, one school at the time
» 31.10.2012
The key aim of UNDP’s two kindergarten projects has been to demonstrate and raise awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of greater energy efficiency in the building sector.
Launch of New Energy Efficiency Software
» 01.08.2011
The software will make calculation of energy consumption and expenses for public buildings throughout the country much easier. It is expected that it will become a key tool for regulating energy savings and increasing the municipal budgets - contributing to the well-being of all citizens.
Public Debate: Implementation of European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
» 02.09.2010
The main aim was to bring together national decision makers and share European Union countries’ experiences and lessons learnt, as well as to assess the current progress in the country.
Energy Efficiency Workshop with Municipalities
» 03.03.2010
The Minister of Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Nexhati Jakupi, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Ms. Ann Marie Ali, ZELS Executive Director, Ms. Dusica Perisic and EVN Chairman of the Management Board, Mr. Georg Waldner, officially opened the workshop for local self governments on the topic of Energy Efficiency in Building Sector.