Strengthening National Capacities to Prevent Domestic Violence

Project description
In 2008, the Government adopted the National Strategy for Protection Against Domestic Violence. It focuses on improving awareness, response and prevention. The hope is that standardized and efficient responses, alongside better public awareness, will reduce domestic violence in the country.

Five UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNFPA and WHO) are working together to support the Government’s National Coordinative Body to implement the new Strategy in three areas:
1) Support to improved national policy
2) Assistance to improve support to victims
3) By raising public awareness

- To establish a standardized national protection system for the victims of domestic violence
- To strengthen the monitoring of policy-implementation and improvement of accountability of all policy-making actors
- To design and implement community outreach behavior change programmes, targeting the most at risk communities and public education campaigns
- To support programmes for economic empowerment of and reintegration of the victims.

Focus Area
Social Inclusion

Major Source of Funding
Dutch Government and UN agencies

UNDP Programme Officer
Vesna Dzuteska Bisheva

Partners on the Ground
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science

National level project

Delivery 2010
566,000 USD

Delivery 2011
436,000 USD

Project documents
Domestic Violence

Fact Sheet
Domestic Violence.pdf

Reference No.TitleClosing DateAwardedCanceled 
RFQ20/2012 for Printing Printing/Grafical design12.06.2012 More Details
RFQ 45/2010Engagement of Non-Governmental Organization/Consultancy Company to “Develop and implement enhanced multi-level psychosocial training programme” 06.09.2010 More Details
RFQ 22/2010Engagement of NGO/Consultancy Company to implement the Domestic Violence model of coordination between the local institutions 14.06.2010 More Details

Taking on domestic violence – a media approach
» 15.05.2013
Eradicating domestic violence is possible only with the help of the media because the words the journalist send have the power to reach everybody’s homes.
Every Third Citizen Is Subject to Some Form of Domestic Violence, Finds New Survey
» 16.08.2012
The findings of a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the UN—the first baseline survey of its kind in this country—show that over 35% of men and almost 40% of women have been subjected to some form of domestic violence, predominantly psychological violence.
Coordinated and timely support to victims of domestic violence
» 03.05.2012
As of May 2012, all professionals dealing with domestic violence cases have a practical and user-friendly Guidebook for dealing with cases of domestic violence.
Private Sector Plays Key Role in Ensuring Inclusive Economic Growth
» 20.04.2012
Nearly all modern and competitive businesses have policies on Corporate Social Responsibility, showing that they care not only for profit, but also for the social and environmental implications of their activity.
Empowering victims of domestic violence
» 13.02.2012
More than 70 victims of domestic violence from 20 municipalities throughout the country attended psychosocial sessions designed to help them improve their self-confidence, psychological stability and safety.