Employment Programme

Project description
As a longtime partner to the Government on social inclusion and poverty reduction, UNDP supports the design and implementation of various employment programmes, including several of the Active Labor Market Measures, such as self-employment, training and retraining, and formalization of informal businesses.

The programme focuses on a series of measures such as:
• Self-employment
• trainings of unemployed in skills that are deficient on the labour
• formalization of informal businesses
• helping the growth of small companies, established through the
self-employment measure
• supporting labour mobility
and concrete activities, such as:
• support to business planning,
• help in business registration,
• provision of start up grants

Since its start in 2007, this programme has enabled over 3000 people
to open their own businesses or to find a secure job.

Over US$12 million have been invested in job creation, 90% of which
is funded by the Government.The programme had positive effects on the national economy through increased taxation from new businesses.

Through work at the policy level and with entrepreneurs, the interventions allowed informal businesses to move into the formal sector and function as legal entities, contributing to the reduction of grey economy.

A common thread of the UNDP employment generation efforts is its particular focus on disadvantaged social groups, the Roma people
and the victims of domestic violence.

To date, more than 3000 long term unemployed started their own
business and 56 women victims of domestic violence now became
economically independent.

Focus Area
Social Inclusion

Major Source of Funding
Host Government

UNDP Programme Officer
Vesna Dzuteska Bisheva

Partners on the Ground
Ministry of Finance, Association of Local Slef Government Units and municipalities

30 Employment Centers in: Kicevo, Kratоvo, Kriva Palanka, Radovis, Strumica, Makedonski Brod, Sveti Nikole, Prilep, Gevgelija, Kocani, Gostivar, Tetovo, Bitola, Negotino, Ohrid, Struga, Kavadarci, Valandovo, Resen, Berovo, Vinica, Skopje, Kumanovo, Delcevo, Probistip, Debar, Veles, Stip, Demir Hisar and Krusevo.

Delivery 2010
4,277,000 USD

Delivery 2011
4,545,000 USD

Project documents
Self Employment 3

Fact Sheet
Employment programme(2).pdf

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RFP10/2012Training on “Development of Business idea”Training on “Development of Business idea”30.03.2012 More Details

Roundtable on Employment of Persons with Disabilities Sparks Lively Discussion
» 06.12.2012
"Let us hope, in the near future, that all persons with disabilities of working age would be able to earn a living from freely chosen work and to work in an environment that is both accessible and accepting”, UNDP's Alessandro Fracassetti said at the opening of a roundable on employment of persons with disabilities.
Regional Experience Sharing: Institutions in Action Towards Better Social Inclusion
» 19.11.2010
Sharing experiences and good practices among the countries in the region is sought as one of the most useful tools to accelerate development.