Inter Municipal Cooperation Programme

Project description
UNDP has been working with the Government for the past five years to establish an inter-municipal cooperation programme that would ensure efficient provision of quality services to the citizens.

To bring public services closer to citizens.

UNDP helped draft the first ever Law on Inter Municipal Cooperation, which was officially enacted in 2009. Today, the country is one of the very few in Europe that has a Law on Inter Municipal Cooperation.

To date, the programme succesfully initiated 26 partnerships, involving 62 municipalities.

A comprehensive training programme was provided for more than 800 municipal officials - in the areas of urban planning, tax collection, local economic development and inspections. These civil servants now have increased knowledge and capacities to provide better services to their citizens.

The programme outreached to more than 800,000 people and 200,000 households throughout the country.

The valuable experiences and lessons learnt are already being shared with Montenegro, Moldova and the Ukraine. This exchange of experience between countries and regions will certainly be another great asset for the country's EU integration process.

Focus Area
Good Governance

Implementing Period

Major Source of Funding
Kingdom of Norway and UNDP

US$ 2,250,000

UNDP Programme Officer
Mihaela Stojkoska

National level

Delivery 2010
480,000 USD

Delivery 2011
142,000 USD

Project documents
Inter-municipal cooperation

Fact Sheet
13 IMC.pdf

Reference No.TitleClosing DateAwardedCanceled 
 SC Comp Handbook 01.01.2016 More Details
RFP03/2011-EXTENTIONExtension of Deadline for Applications07.02.2011 More Details
Call for Proposals for launch of grants as a part of the ProgrammeCall for Proposals for launch of grants as a part of the Programme15.09.2010 More Details

Acting locally to promote inclusive development in the Vardar Planning Region
» 01.11.2012
1 Nov 2012: UNDP has launched a new programme to support municipalities in their cooperative efforts to improve the effectiveness of local government and service delivery in the Vardar Planning Region.
Municipalities of Zelenikovo and Petrovec: Building a New Road to Development
» 14.05.2012
The construction of a 3km local road connecting the municipalities of Zelenikovo and Petrovec on the outskirts of Skopje has just been completed.“The citizens will only need 10 minutes to get to Zelenikovo from Petrovec. Before they had to travel for 40 minutes”, Petrovec Mayor Mitevski said.
‘Now that’s a proper market!’
» 01.12.2011
By committing them¬selves to inter-municipal co-operation, Krivogastani and Dolneni have been able to develop far more efficient methods of collecting local taxes.
‘Now there is a lot more hope’
» 08.11.2011
Thanks to the inter municipality cooperation programme, the municipalities of Zajas and Oslomej established a joint committee to ensure better social and child protection.
NEW PUBLICATION: Making Local Government Work for the People
» 18.10.2011
Accurate maps to guide fire fighters. Repaved roads. Better water and sewer systems. Special training for teachers on children with special needs. Detailed planning and investment information that has attracted new businesses. These are among the many public services that municipalities are now able to offer their citizens.