Integrated Ecosystem Management in the Prespa Lakes Basin

Project description
This is a complex project, which in the long run aims to help the region's people with long term economic and social development, conserve the rich biodiversity and protect the waters of the Prespa Lakes Basin.

To ensure that stakeholders are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure better management of natural resources that generate national, transboundary and global benefits.

A Strategic Action Programme has been developed, in cooperation with stakeholders from all three countries, identifying key issues that need to be addressed to further improve the status and overall ecosystem health of the basin.

Good agricultural practices have been introduced to reduce the pesticide inputs. Over 150 men and women, farmers, fishermen and foresters have been trained in modifying management practices.

An industry pollution prevention and control system has been established for the whole Prespa region.

More than 500 citizens benefited from the wastewater management system put in place.

At least 2,000 hectares of priority habitats for birds, fish, rare plants and mammals are now under improved conservation management.

6,000 hectares of forests are under better biodiversity oriented management.

UNDP has been continiously working together with ministries and stakeholders from all three countries on the establishment of joint processes, such as for example water quality and fish monitoring and supporting the work of joint bodies such as the Prespa Coordination Committee, the Water Management Working Group and others.

Focus Area
Energy and Environment

Implementing Period

Major Source of Funding
Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

USD 4,135,000

UNDP Programme Officer
Anita Kodzoman

Partners on the Ground
Ministries of Environment of all three countries, municipalities of Resen, Lichenas and Prespa, expert community and relevant institutes.

Prespa Lakes Basin

Delivery 2010
516,000 USD

Delivery 2011
455,000 USD

Project documents
Prespa Lakes Basin

Fact Sheet

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» 15.10.2012
The Fish of Prespa—a 150-page guide to the many species of fish in the Prespa lakes - offers readers the country’s first ever comprehensive description of the extraordinary forms of life found in the lakes and extensive information about the changing conditions of these ancient waters.
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» 06.03.2012
The first ever draft watershed management plan for the Prespa region was presented by experts today to representatives from ministries, NGOs and local communities during a workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment and UNDP in Ohrid.
First-Ever Research on Prespa Lakes Fish Shows Trout and Barbel are Endangered Species in Need of Action
» 23.02.2012
A first-ever publication in the region illustrating all fish living in the Prespa Lakes offers practical information on what the local population, the scientific community and the decision makers could do to ensure the long-term survival of the lakes’ most endangered fish, such as the Prespa Trout and the Prespa Barbel.
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