Strenghtening the National and Local Intergrity Systems

Project description
To help citizens get an easy, friendly, equitable and corruption-free access to services provided by central and local level institutions.

To contribute to the achievement of the country's long term goals related to the EU Integration processes and fight against corruption.

Focus Area
Good Governance

Implementing Period

Major Source of Funding
Government of Norway and UNDP

435,000 USD

Partners on the Ground
State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Ministry of Information Society and Administration, Association of Local Self Government Units

Country wide

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Ten Municipalities Sign Up to the Fight Against Corruption
» 09.12.2012
In a week that has seen a wide range of activities to promote International Anti-Corruption Day, ten mayors have taken the brave step of publicly signing up to official anti-corruption policies for their municipalities, affirming the principles of integrity and declaring zero tolerance for corruption.