Acting locally to promote inclusive development in the Vardar Planning Region


1 Nov 2012: UNDP has launched a new programme to support municipalities in their cooperative efforts to improve the effectiveness of local government and service delivery in the Vardar Planning Region.



The programme, called Local Action for Inclusive Development, will assist the nine municipalities of the Vardar Planning Region in creating a joint network to strengthen the capacity of local government and boost the economy in the region.


The joint network will bring together a broad range of experts and local stakeholders on a regular basis to help come up with solutions to help the private sector—by promoting innovative business ideas and creating new employment opportunities, facilitating initiatives for increasing foreign direct investment, and helping to broker public-private partnerships.


The Vardar Planning Region comprises the nine municipalities of Veles, Kavadarci, Negotino, Gradsko, Rosoman, Caska, Sveti Nikole, Lozovo and Demir Kapija.

All of the municipalities are closely involved in the joint network project, with the full support of their mayors as part of their commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for their citizens.


Visiting the municipality of Kavadarci earlier today, UNDP Resident Representative a.i. Alessandro Fracassetti announced that UNDP will support the joint partnership scheme with 40,000 US dollars.


A number of municipalities have already expressed their willingness to contribute their own funds to help ensure this initiative goes forward.

UNDP is also working together with the municipalities of the Vardar Planning Region to create a similar joint network with a focus on energy efficiency. This project aims to help municipalities meet their obligations from the Energy Law, as well as to attract funds for helping to implement energy-efficiency measures and thus ensure greater budget savings and a greener future.


UNDP works at local level throughout the country supporting good democratic governance, environmental protection and greater social inclusion. Over the past decade we have helped to implement a wide range of programmes and projects, many of them in micro-regions—including several in the North-East and Vardar planning regions. From this extensive experience we can draw valuable lessons to apply in implementing similar projects.


In launching the Local Action for Inclusive Development programme in the Vardar Planning Region, UNDP will apply the experiences we have gained from all our tested interventions and will further aim at scaling the project up to national level.