UN Convention Workshop Provides Opportunity to Reaffirm Commitment to Fight Corruption

Skopje, 30 May 2012 - A one-day workshop, organized by the Ministry of Justice and the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, with the technical and financial support of UNDP, marked the beginning of the country’s self-assessment process for the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

The objective of the workshop was to bring together representatives from the Ministry of Justice, the State Anti-Corruption Commission, other key state institutions, civil society and private sector to agree on the self-assessment methodology, officially assign responsibilities and establish rules of cooperation between all concerned parties.

Тhe UNCAC Self-Assessment process is an opportunity to engage in national dialogue on anti-corruption policies and programmes and stimulate reforms to curb corruption.

“Our country is an active participant in the fight against corruption at both national and international level, and we are fully committed to continue meeting our obligations to the UN Convention against Corruption, which we ratified in 2007”, Deputy Justice Minister, Biljana Briskoska Boskoski stated in her opening speech.

“The UN Convention against Corruption is the world's strongest legal instrument to build integrity and fight corruption. The process that is being started today is very relevant for the country as it will help reflect on what has been done so far and set new targets for fighting corruption and building integrity”, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Alessandro Fracassetti said.

By agreeing to implement the UNDP “going beyond the minimum” UNCAC review methodology, the country has committed to achieve more than just the minimum standards. In practice, this means that a signal of political will and openness and a commitment to create opportunities to engage with civil society and building trust.

“Going beyond the minimum” means that besides Chapter III of the Convention which covers Criminalization and Law enforcement and Chapter IV which covers International Cooperation, that are mandatory for the self-assessment, we have also agreed to assess Chapter II, which covers Preventive measures. This means that our country is a leader in the region, that applies innovative steps and can serve as an example to the State Parties of UNCAC”, said President of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption, Ms. Ljubinka Koraboska.