Coordinated and timely support to victims of domestic violence

As of May 2012, all professionals dealing with domestic violence cases have a practical and user-friendly Guidebook for dealing with cases of domestic violence.

This Guidebook was produced by the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors, as a result of a series of 8 trainings on dealing with domestic violence cases, attended by over 160 professionals from the Ministry of Interior, the social sector, judges and public prosecutors.

The Guidebook was designed by a group of professionals from all these sectors and aims to assist in dealing with domestic violence cases. It presents the procedures, and shares real-life examples and experiences.

The Guidebook was promoted on 3 May 2012 by the Ministers of Interior and Labour and Social Policy, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the UN Resident Coordinator.

"We need a comprehensive approach to domestic violence; an approach which brings together social workers, the police, public prosecutors and judges. This is an important step towards ensuring equal access to justice for all citizens", said Deirdre Boyd, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative.

To download the Guidebook (available in Macedonian language), click