Empowering victims of domestic violence

More than 70 victims of domestic violence from 20 municipalities throughout the country attended psychosocial sessions designed to help them improve their self-confidence, psychological stability and safety.


The sessions were organized by two local psychologists engaged by UNDP in the frames of the Joint UN Programme to Combat Domestic Violence. Both psychologists are highly skilled Gestalt therapists and have great experience in working with vulnerable women. 


In the same time, 73 Roma women and their family members actively participated in round table discussions on domestic violence and economic opportunities.  These discussions were organized in the municipalities of Cair and Gazi Baba by a local civil society organization.


They all had an opportunity to learn more about the economic empowerment programmes for women victims of domestic violence, implemented by UNDP and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.


These programmes help victims get a job, open and run their own business or obtain new professional qualifications, which will enable them to live a more independent and happier life.  


It is expected that thanks to this project, a Practicum for dealing with domestic violence cases will be published by the end of March. It is currently being developed by UNDP in cooperation with the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors to help young professionals in working on domestic violence cases.